Our Team

Alexander Peshikov Alexander Peshikov

Alexander Peshikov

The founder of Agro-Sputnik LLC

Agro-Sputnik CG involves the most qualified specialists. The team is our key resource. We contribute all our knowledge and experience to the production of company`s products. Only working in team, we are able to create the truly unique product.

Sergei Goncharov Sergei Goncharov

Sergei Goncharov

Director General of Agro-Sputnik LLC

Chernykh Sergey Chernykh Sergey

Chernykh Sergey

Director General of Tikhiy Don LLC

Inna Beginina Inna Beginina

Inna Beginina

HR Management Department Manager

Sergei Skomorokhin Sergei Skomorokhin

Sergei Skomorokhin

Strategic Development Manager

Pavel Korotunov Pavel Korotunov

Pavel Korotunov

Commercial Department Manager

Nadezhda Bulavina Nadezhda Bulavina

Nadezhda Bulavina

Financial Department Manager

Sergey Shevtsov Sergey Shevtsov

Sergey Shevtsov

Production Department Manager

Sergei Kashitsin Sergei Kashitsin

Sergei Kashitsin

Strategic Procurement Department Manager

Alexander Krikukha Alexander Krikukha

Alexander Krikukha

Transport Department Manager

Nadezhda Bulatkina Nadezhda Bulatkina

Nadezhda Bulatkina

Quality Manager

Lyudmila Dashkevich Lyudmila Dashkevich

Lyudmila Dashkevich

Chief Process Engineer

Natalia Chepko Natalia Chepko

Natalia Chepko

Chief Legal Officer

Igor Kharkevich Igor Kharkevich

Igor Kharkevich

Chief Engineer